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Randy Reimer and Tom McGuinness formed Reimer, McGuinness & Associates, P.C. in 2006 along with Merle Shefstad and Liz Jackson. Just over seven years later, RMA has quadrupled in size thanks to the wonderful clients we serve, community partners and the fantastic members of the RMA team. We are truly blessed to work with all of these great people.

When we formed the firm we did some soul searching and really thought deeply about why we do what we do. The answer came back loud and clear, that we truly love helping people, our clients, our friends and their businesses. We love to help them solve their various tax, accounting, financial and any other problems they may have. We sometimes refer to ourselves as “business or financial therapists”.

While we are located in our own building at 6610 Malibu Drive in Houston, Texas we service clients not only in Houston, but throughout Texas, the US and the world. The clients we serve come in all shapes and sizes, from retired school teachers to multi-million dollar corporations – and we love it that way.

We pride ourselves on developing intimate long lasting, relationships with our clients – some we have worked with for over 30 years! We also pride ourselves in being responsive to our clients – when you call, text, fax or email – we are responsive. We want you to contact us anytime you have an issue that we can help you with.

Welcome to our family – our goal is to be informative and provide tools to help you navigate the course of your financial future – we are here to take this journey with you. We look forward to working with you!

- Randy & Tom

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